Monday, December 29, 2008

Sophia Got Her Wheels!

Sorry for the delay in our December blog post....Curly Tail had a major puppy mill rescue and we have been busier than ever.

We do have great news for Sophia!!! She got her wheels this month!

We uploaded videos of her 1st days in her wheels....check out the YouTube link on the right. The videos are sideways b/c I didn't realize that in all the excitement. But Sophia loves her wheels and is getting really used to running and playing in the apt, hallway and indoor pug meet ups. In the next few weeks, we will venture outside!

Sophia has her information updated on our rescue website as well. We will be making a page just for her....stay tuned!

Thanks for supporting Sophia and the rescue pugs...

Happy Holidays!
The Gang At Curly Tail