Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sophia's Surgery & Medical Update

Sophia has recently been to the Animal Medical Center of New York (AMC) where she met the gang from Eddie's Wheels, a bunch of wonderful therapists, and was fitted for her first set of wheels.

The cart is integral to Sophia's development because her little legs and back need to straighten out. This is important to prepare her for her upcoming surgery. Her surgery will close the dangerous bubble on her back but requires a metal plate being put in its place.

We need Sophia as healthy and as strong as possible for this surgery to be a success.
Because of a holistic diet and a variety of supplements, Sophia is thriving. She is almost 5 lbs. and getting stronger by the minute. She has been infection free, without any medication, for almost four months ---a feat most doctors did not think was possible!

In order to prepare her little body for the surgery that she needs, Sophia receives physical and hydrotherapy on a daily basis.

We feel very strongly about Sophia having this surgery, getting her a cart, and receiving the therapy she needs. We want people to know there is hope for puppies like Sophia.

Anyone who has met Sophia believes she has the right to live. She definitely has the will to live. We are doing everything in our power to make that possible, which includes getting her the surgery she needs.